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There was a moment in my life where I had to decide if i wanted to join the world of mobile-networking or not. I decided pro mobile and ever since there was only one thing that really made me rethink my decission over and over again: email-attachments!

There is nothing as nasty as a file of four megabytes attached to a mail that you really need to download for the included information but not the file attached to it. It costs me 0.6 cents per kilobyte what makes this mail an expense of 24 euros and 58 cents. When I use HSCSD as connection type its the download time in minutes times 20 cents, what doesn't make it any better with a downlink of 44 kbit/s with a modern mobile phone. The connection in a train usually drops twice before I have downloaded half the mail.

For this reason I had to get the attachments out of the mails what is a good idea anyway. I built up this service where you can upload files up to 14 megabytes, secure them with a password and get a link to them which can be included into an email. Any modern mailprogram makes this link clickable and lets the recipient (me) download the file if he decides to do that.

All you need is the username and the password to use this service. The service is meant to be used by people I deal with and is not meant to be public. Like many users of the internet I have to pay for traffic volume and therefor i am not willing to open the service to the public.

If you want to send me a file, please email me a request for a username and password. Here is the address: uds.jm@tosses.de

If you already have your username and password, please proceed to the Upload Page.